Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lalaloopsy Birthday Party

Today I'm going to share something other than a card. My friend's daughter had a Lalaloopsy birthday party in April. I had never even heard of Lalaloopsy until I met her. They are these really cute little dolls with button eyes. I found this wreath idea on Pinterest and just had to make her a Lalaloopsy one for her birthday. It was super simple to make and very impressive; and while it didn't take a lot of ribbon, it took a lot of cutting and even more time! I lost count at 500 strips of ribbon and it took me probably about 4-5 hours (spread out over a few evenings) to make it.

I started out with a foam wreath and small pins. I used about 8 different types of ribbons in varying sizes, colors, etc. I cut several 4 inch strips of each ribbon and placed them in piles. I then made a loop from the ribbon and pinned it to the wreath. I continued doing that with 5-6 ribbon pieces until I formed a little bunch, pinning them very close to one another. I wanted the wreath to have some sort of uniformity to it, so I worked in bunches at a time and made several of the same patterns all over before starting a new pattern. Once I got most of the wreath covered I went back through and just pinned left over ribbons to fill in any gaps. I finished it off by tying Lalaloopsy dolls and buttons to the wreath using fishing line.

Since there aren't really any Lalaloopsy decorations, I offered to help her come up with some things for the party. I made the little coloring book, buttons and banner on Microsoft Word using various digital scrapbooking papers. She had Lalaloopsy dolls propped up on dolls stands with paper pom pom flowers with little buttons scattered around as the center pieces. I wish I had taken pictures because everything looked so cute! Her one relative even made a Lalaloopsy cake that looked like it belonged on a competition show! The best was a picture of Trinity laying in a big pile of her Lalaloopsy dolls that was displayed by the cake.

These are the cookies I made to bring to the party. I used food coloring to dye sugar cookie dough six different colors. Once they came out of the oven I used a baby food jar to make an imprint and a straw to make the button holes. I thought they turned out super cute!

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  1. Truly an amazing event! Really enjoyed watching all these photos. I've always dreamt of little girls’ themed party. On my 16th birthday, will go with mermaid event at my favorite event venue Chicago. Hope my parents won’t say no to it!