Sunday, October 27, 2013

Library Baby Shower

What better way to invite someone to a library themed baby shower than with a library book return card?! 

Lollipop Invitation

Could these get any cuter??? These might be one of my favorite invitations I've ever made. I originally wanted to use real lollipops and have the invitation be a sticker on the face of it, but was worried about how they would mail and didn't want people to receive broken invitations, so I went this route.

Rustic Wedding Invitations

I'm really happy with how these turned out! My favorite part is the heart, because it happened by accident. I wanted the heart to be smaller and where the "&" symbol is, but accidentally sent it behind my background and loved how it there it stayed!

The tag is hard to read but it has their names and wedding date.

Bubble Guppy Birthday Invitations

Love these Bubble Guppy birthday invitations!
Click here to see Delaney's first birthday invitations.

Strawberry Birthday Invitations

Strawberry shaped invitations for a "berry" sweet girl! Not sure why the color looks so terrible, because in my original picture it looks normal. The invitations are strawberry red with black polka dots.
 All 50 of them!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Wedding Program Fans

I made these for a "country chic" wedding that was being held in a barn. The bride gave me her colors, told me her flowers were hydrangeas and that she wanted fans made but left everything else up to me. She didn't even want to see them until they were done and she came to pick them up! Talk about nerve wracking!! Luckily she loved them :) I made everything in MDS and they measured 8x8. The actual program was cut to 7 3/4 x 7 3/4 and the mat was made from Kraft card stock cut to 8x8. I ordered the fan handles off Etsy. I tied the dark green ribbon around the handle first then cut the tails into a little upside down 'V'. I then tied a bow out of the light blue ribbon and used a glue dot to adhere it to the dark green ribbon. I was very pleased with how they turned out!

Here is a group shot of the front.
 And the back!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Birthday Card

This is the card I made for Mila's 1st Birthday. It felt good to pull out some of my old card stuff and actually make a card by hand and not on the computer (although, I think it's obvious how much I love MDS!). This card is actually 5x7 and the only reason I made it that big is because that was the only size envelope I had :). I cut a doily in half and wrapped it around the pink cardstock and adhered it to the back. I then cut the banner strips from Stampin' Up Designer Series Paper and added the pearls. The ribbon was tied on and the sentiment was stamped using Chocolate Chip ink. You can't tell from the picture, but the pink cardstock is adhered with dimensionals. The sentiment is from the "Crazy for Cupcakes" stamp set.

Minnie Mouse Birthday

Today was one of my best friends' daughter's 1st birthday party and I had the pleasure of making her invitations. My friend Melissa (I've mentioned her a lot) also is very crafty, so the party was amazing! She actually made the bows for the invitations too. Everything was made on MDS and I think my favorite part are the pearls on the scalloped trim. They were the last finishing touch during the design process. I love the pink and zebra together too! It's hard to see in the picture, but the pink background also has really faint polka dots.
 How cute is the M with the ears?? She had headband "ears" for everyone and lollipop favors.
 Pictures from Mila's first year as well as a frame for everyone to sign. 
 The cake made by Melissa's friend, Lisa.
 Cupcakes made by Carrie (who also made the cupcakes for Slevin's party)
I have two more birthday parties in August that I'm really excited about...but honestly, I'm now starting to look forward to planning Slevin's 2nd birthday party! Why am I crazy?!

Tropical Petal Wedding Invitations

I made these wedding invitations for a couple getting married in Mexico. I only had to make 20, so that wasn't bad at all. I purchased the petals from (LOVE that site!). They are 6x6, so the orange mat is 5 3/4 x 5 3/4 and the invitation itself was 5 1/2 x 5 1/2. The mailing envelopes were the same hot pink color. And as usual, everything was designed on MDS!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Batman Birthday

I know I say this all the time, but these might be my most favorite invites I've made yet! How cute is little Jack with Batman! The picture definitely makes the invitation, I think. When his mom sent it to me, I knew immediately that I wanted to make the invitation look like a page from a comic book. I'm very pleased with the result. I downloaded some cool super hero fonts and found fun backgrounds on the internet then went to town in MDS! She sent me a text after she picked them up and said that she should have ordered extra because Jack wanted to carry one around everywhere! :) These are 5x7 and were printed on a glossy cardstock which made the colors look even better in person! (For some reason the "Jack and Batman" heading photographed pink, when it's really red.)
 Here are some close ups:

Bee Thank You Cards

You may remember this post for my friend's bee themed baby shower. Well these are the thank you cards. They measure 3.5 x 5 and were the perfect size for a little thank you note! I created them MDS and used the same background that I did for the invitations. I love making coordinating sets!

And I love things in multiples! Here are 90 thank yous!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

What Will It BEE?

Have you heard the buzz?? I think this is such a cute baby shower theme, especially if you don't know whether you're having a boy or girl! I made these for my friend, Geri who is expecting her first baby. As always, they were made with MDS and I used the hexagon punch, rotated 90 degrees to create the honeycomb effect. The insert was also the same punch, only I scaled it to be 2x2 inches (talk about a lot of cutting -- I made over 100 of these). I rounded the corners to finish off the invitations.
Her favors were homemade honey and I created the tags for them. I used the circle punch and scaled it slightly larger than my 1 3/8 punch so that I would not have to worry about having to line each one up perfectly to avoid having white space around each one. Then simply punched a hole in the top and she tied them on with twine.
Her centerpieces were super cute too (I had no part in these!). I love the puff ball and pipe cleaner bee!! How clever!
I won one of the centerpieces, but unfortunately it got rained on before I could get a picture of it!

Construction Party Thank Yous!

I posted pictures of Greyson's construction party a few weeks ago, well here are the Thank You's I made for them. Again, I had to make a layout that included several places for photos because there were so many cute ones to choose from! They were made in MDS and are 5x7.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Construction Party

I absolutely love this theme! This is my friend, April's, little boy and he just turned 2. She took him to her dad's work to get some pictures of him playing with the machinery and getting dirty with his little dump truck. She sent me like 20 pictures and I had to narrow it down...they were all so cute! So I definitely had to create a layout for an invitation that included multiple pictures. As always I used MDS and I made these 5x7 so that I could make the picutres bigger. I think what really makes these invitations is the font. To me a font can make or break a design and sometimes that is the hardest thing for me. I have my favorite ones that I always seem to gravitate towards, but I knew this one had to be different; and no joke, this was the first one I tried. It's called "Cracked". So cute! I also like the push pins. They really look 3D! I actually found it on a Yahoo image search and it was red. I used the recolor tool to make yellow and black ones and then rotated them so that the shadow was in a different position, creating the illusion that they are pushed in different ways. That program is amazing! The only thing I don't like is how dark the writing is over the grey background, I probably should have used a different color or made the background a little opaque, but you can still read it, so I guess that's okay. It just doesn't stand out like I imagined it would. 

These are little "measuring tape" favors that she included in the kids' treat bags. I was able to buy sheets of label paper off of the place I get all of my work printed. Then I just cut them out with my Coluzzle and stuck them over the Bubble Tape! So easy!

 I will be posting the Thank You's in a few days once I know she's sent them out! It's another Greyson photo bomb and so cute!!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Wedding Invitations

I made 210 of these bad boys! It wasn't too bad, though, just a lot of scoring and folding :) Everything was designed on MDS and it folds down to 4 1/4 x 5 1/2, but opened it is 4 1/4 x 16 1/2. The RSVP and Reception cards were tucked behind the band (I forgot to get a picture) along with an envelope to send the RSVP back. I really liked how they turned out :)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mickey Mouse Baby Shower

You can't go wrong with Mickey! It's one of my son's favorite shows. I made these on MDS. The Mickey shape was actually created by piecing together a big circle and two smaller ones (using the punch tool). I struggled with the stripes. I didn't like the bottom half with the stripes at full color, but I didn't like it plain red, so after much back and forth I decided to do a red background paper with the stripes at a really high opacity. I like how they are subtle, but still give the background some interest.

I have a wedding invitation I will be able to share next weekend and just submitted three more invitation orders to be printed (two birthday parties and a baby shower), so watch for those in the upcoming weeks!! I've been pretty busy and I love it.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Polka Dot Birthday

This might be one of my favorite birthday invitations I've made yet! These were for a polka dot birthday party and I love all of the bright colors! I used MDS, as usual, to create everything. The "1" is a clip art that I found online because I couldn't find a font thick enough, even when enlarged, to fit the info in. I think playing with fonts and using various fonts on the same project is one of my favorite things to do!

How fun do all of these look together?! Perfect for a little girl's first birthday!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Birthday Thank You Card

Isn't he adorable?? These are the Thank You cards I made for this birthday. They were very simple to make and that's how Landon's mom wanted them. I used iPhoto to blur out a balloon that was in the background, then inserted the photo into MDS and added the text. I used the "picker" color tool to match the text color to the icing. Once they were printed I rounded the corners and voila! The picture speaks for itself!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Stamped Candle

You may remember this post from Trinity's Lalaloopsy party last year. Well, guess who had another Lala themed party this year?! Her mom lucked out because now there are actually decorations with Lalaloopsy on them. Everything at the party was super cute. I didn't want to show up without a homemade gift, so I decided to make Trinity something that no one else could buy her...a Lalaloopsy candle with her name on it! Candle making is very easy. You can do it one of two ways: either stamp on a piece of tissue paper or run the tissue paper through your printer (taped to a regular piece of paper) -- for this project, I printed the image. Then cut the image out, getting as close to the image as you can. Position it on the candle and then wrap a piece of waxed paper around the candle and pull it tight in the back. Hold the candle by the waxed paper that is left over in the back and use an embossing gun to slowly heat over the image. It will take 1-2 minutes, but gradually you will see the image magically melt into the candle. Be careful to not overheat. Slowly peel away the waxed paper and that's it! If needed, you can heat over the image slightly to fix any places that the tissue didn't completely melt. 

Bubble Guppies 1st Birthday Invitations!

If Slevin's birthday hadn't been the day before the Superbowl, I totally would have had a Bubble Guppies themed birthday for him because it is his FAVORITE show. So I was very excited when I was asked to make invitations for a Bubble Guppies themed first birthday! Everything was created on MDS and I even downloaded a bubble font to tie everything together. Isn't he a cutie!?

Meet & Greet Baby Shower

These are a cross between a birth announcement and a baby shower invitation and I love how they turned out. This is for a "Meet & Greet Baby Shower" for a baby that was born in December. Everything was created using MDS and then I simply rounded the corners (there were 100 invitations, so that's 400 corners to round!). 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Breakfast at Tiffany's Bridal Shower

I have had these done since before Christmas and I designed them before Halloween, so I've been itching for sometime to share these! A Breakfast at Tiffany's themed bridal shower, how fun! I used Tempting Turquoise cardstock from Stampin' Up, and I must say, it's pretty darn close to Tiffany Blue. The card is a gatefold and my favorite part is the little pearl earring :)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Doily Birthday Card

Today I was invited to a birthday party for my friend's mom. Melissa always plans the best parties :) it was a great time and everything was so nice. Her mom likes to do craft projects, so I knew she would enjoy a handmade card. This was a very simple card and although I kept trying to add more to it, I ultimately liked the simple look. I used my Stampin' Up markers to color the sentiment and flowers and stamped on the doily (which are my new obsession). I used spray adhesive to adhere the doily to the card. The stamp sets used were Close as a Memory and Celebrations. I finished it off with a Chocolate Chip ribbon and by rounding the corners. I really liked how it turned out. Happy 55th Terri!!!

The inside
Melissa actually surprised me with these doilies a few months ago (she found them at Target). She got me like 8 packs so I see myself using them a lot, and they are the perfect size! She's the best!