Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Decor

If you haven't already noticed, Halloween is definitely my favorite holiday. I'm not sure why...but I just love everything about it. I added to my decor this year with some homemade decorations that were super easy, super cute and super cheap!

First up are these yarn candy corns that I have in my bathroom. It took less than 10 minutes to make all three of them. You simply take a styrofoam cone and wrap it with yarn. I used pins to hold the yarn down when I switched colors. You just keep wrapping and wrapping, there's no right or wrong way! The top was the hardest part because the yarn kept sliding off the top. I would definitely recommend getting white styrofoam and not green just because a little bit of the top does show, but you can't tell at all unless you look really close up; however, I'm sure the green would make it much more obvious.

Isn't this adorable?? It's made from a small terra-cotta pot, a terra-cotta saucer, glass bowl from the Dollar Tree and a wood ball! I painted the pieces black, hot glued everything together and embellished it with some ribbon and an SU Spooky Treats rub on.
Do you notice the little glass block in the background?? Melissa's mom made that for me last year and gave it to me at my baby shower. It was one of the first things I put out this year and I'm going to be really sad to have to put it away!

Here is what my little chest looks like in my entryway. The lighting on this picture stinks, because it's so much cuter in real life. The banner is a printable that I found on Pinterest. I just printed, cut and stapled to a ribbon. The tree and Frankenstein light are a hand-me-down decorations from my mom, I got the frame at my baby shower and it has a picture of my son wearing a Halloween shirt, the middle frame is another Pinterest printable (a witch), and the bottles are two old Starbucks frap bottles that were spray painted black. The smaller one is embellished with a Spooky Treat rub on.  I finished it all off with some black cheesecloth.

The rest of my house is decorated with fall-like pieces, so they will be able to stay up through Thanksgiving. I need to come up with some new ideas to replace these ones now that Halloween is pretty much over. 

Enjoy your Halloween and Trick or Treat. Ours got moved to Saturday due to the weather forecast. My husband and I both have tomorrow off, so I'm excited to have a weekday off with my favorite two guys!

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