Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Meeting Swaps

Tonight was Kathy's (my up-upline) monthly downline meeting and I wanted to share with you some of the swaps I received tonight. We have such a talented group and I couldn't wait to participate in this swap! The names of the creators are included on those who put their information with their cards (I can see the rest of your faces when I look at your cards, but just don't know everyone's name yet...I'm sorry!). Kathy also gave us a Take-N-Make of the new Big Shot Pop Up Birthday Cake Die, so I will be posting that once I sit down and put it together.

I also got to meet my downline, Jolene, tonight and she is awesome! I couldn't ask for a more fun and easy going person and I'm really looking forward to helping her with her first workshop! For receiving a recruit, I was awarded a honey bee pin with a pearl (you get a new pearl with each of your recruits) as well as a $10 Stampin' Up gift certificate! I can't believe how much I love being a demo! :)

Creator: Roberta Nahas (She made these specially for Jolene and I...there was candy in it, but it didn't last very long! Sooooo cute!)

Creator: Sue Millenbaugh (I lucked out and got one of Sue's notebooks that she had leftover from last month's swap...isn't this awesome?!)

Creator: Sue Bell

Creator: Cindy Mawhinney

Creator: Sue Millenbaugh

Creator: Kathy Stone

Creator: JoAnn Stone

Creator: Paula Phillips

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