Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Meet My Kids

Hi All,
I'm so sorry I haven't posted since last week. I've been hard at work on wedding invitations. I have pictures of the process...so watch for those soon!

I thought I would take today and introduce you to my "kids"

Secret is our kitty...Joe and I got him back in 2007 when we still lived in our apartment. We weren't supposed to have pets, hence his name. He definitely is a cat with personality! Even people who don't like cats like Secret!

Cervantes is our puppy. He's a full blooded Rottweiler and we got him in August of 2008 when he was 7 weeks old. He's so well behaved and I hate that his breed gives him a bad name before people get to know him. He's currently 11 months old and weighs about 85lbs. He and Secret are really good friends and even though their playing looks more like a UFC match, I know that they love each other.

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